Windows Azure Review

Oct 21, 2021 3 minutes read

Even if you’re not a regular internet user, you have definitely came across the name of the tech-giant Microsoft. There is no other company which is more prestigious with such a huge market share than Microsoft and their Windows OS in the world of IT and technology, personal computing or web-based services.

Apart from being a million dollar institution which is serving out business systems, Microsoft is also an innovator in the web technologies section. Microsoft Windows Azure can be the perfect content delivery network, if you’re looking for a perfectly comprehensive and affordable way to host your media over the global market. Along with the best cloud storage reviews on our site, read on our review on Windows Azure.

Unique Reputation

Since the name of the company is Microsoft, it does attract a huge crowd. The clientele list supported by the company does not reflect just pomp and circumstance, but also features a unique view at all the services offered by Windows Azure. Consider the names of the companies like NASA, Boeing, Xerox, Lockheed Martin, T-Mobile, Telefonica etc.

The Windows Azure has been serving these companies all over the world, meaning that the web-based services offered by Microsoft is absolutely trusted to support the investment of many multi-million dollar companies, and that too on a daily basis. Now what exactly is there in the Window Azure network which has become its center of attraction? To start with, the network itself is a superior quality creation from Microsoft.

Windows Azure

The content delivery networks which have succeeded so far, claim themselves to feature market presence all around the globe. However, there is a few other providers who can actually provide a better global presence than the Microsoft. The Windows Azure network provides 24 individual edge connections which have been positioned at strategic market points at different parts of the world.

At every internet-ready marketplace, there is a Windows Azure data center, including North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. You can certainly have a peaceful sleep at night when you know that Microsoft Azure features such a heavy presence around the world and your media will reach your end-users with a great speed, low latency and high satisfaction!

Market Proximity

Microsoft Windows Azure offers market proximity at its core. With all your consumers living in the UK, your server of origin could be placed in Ohio, storing all your vital web media. Due to the huge distance for internet data transfer, the users discover a high latency and longer waiting periods for loading. To fight this issue, Windows Azure delivers the media content to the user through media caching over its 24 network connections.

A complex chain of connectivity protocols are activated whenever there is a request for your media. The algorithms are mapped out delivering your content with flawless efficiency satisfying your customers to their heart’s content. In short, Microsoft Azure features fast delivery with total security. Read how Microsoft has made Windows Azure generally available on CNET.

Media Streaming

Windows Azure offers high-quality and large-scaled media streaming. If you’re a media based company looking for delivering your videos and streaming content for a new class of market, Windows Azure can be an ideal solution for managing your media resources. I doubt if there is a better way to combine your Silverlight media into a content delivery network.

Windows Azure has been designed to space up for large quality complex and high quality information with assured unparalleled delivery. You’ll never gain have to worry on losing integrity or long waiting periods for loading. Windows Azure will deliver your media to your end-users just the way you want!

Advantages of Windows Azure

The pricing method is pay-per-use. Pay only for the number of instances your application needs.

Windows Azure has a great scalability. Add or remove your application instances as per your requirement. Once you’ve added some instances, they can be lowered if they’re not needed anymore.

Windows Azure features great availability. And SLA ensures you 99.95% uptime for any application run by Microsoft under your command.

In case of any problem with application instances, the Fabric Controller of Windows Azure helps to recover your data. Microsoft solely manages this recoverability.

Your applications are managed by Fabric controller which provides eased management. These tasks are carried out in the background without the concern of the customer.

Windows Azure offers the Connect feature allowing integration with the on-premise infrastructure.

If you think that Windows Azure is the best cloud platform for your needs, Sign Up for Windows Azure now. Besides, you can also check our reviews on the Top 10 Cloud Storage Comparison.