Vmware Port Forwarding

Dec 26, 2021


I managed to create a VM with server software running at this URL. This is where I


* I followed the following sequence of steps, to bring up a NAT connection for my host machine: 1) Virtual Machine > Edit > Virtual Network Editor; 2) I enabled Change settings (which took me to admin mode); 3) I clicked on the row that read type = NAT and external Connection = NAT; 4) From there, I clicked on N.A.T. Settings, and then Added an appropriate IP address by filling in all the appropriate fields

The "seed text" is formatted as follows:

The email was about an error which apparently only themenu item with sub-menus was missing so they wanted it added or something like that. It would've

Host: 8675
Type: TCP
Description:  Port Foward of 8675 from Host to VM.

* A lot went right with the configuration. I made sure to apply it and it seemed like everything was working. I checked my virtual machine, and the ports were set up correctly, so I figured that this was what I needed to do. When I looked into some additional information, more people mentioned that they had firewalls and that they might need to do more configuration on them than just this guide. Am I missing something major?


NAT: Used to share the host's IP address. When you use NAT, the host system and the guest boxes have completely different IP addresses on their virtual subnet, so my guess is that when from the host system you try to connect to localhost:8675 you are actually trying to connect to port 8675 of the host and not of the guest. So don't use localhost or syntax but discover the real IP address of your guest and use it! If your guest is Windows then just type "ipconfig". To do this with Linux, see if it responds with "wlan0: flags=8843 mtu 1500 [...]" (simply hosting a little different kinda interface). If it does press Ctrl+c and type "ifconfig". You might also need (to configure) firewall on your Linux side as well- for example sudo ufw allow ssh.
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