Vmware Player Port Forwarding

Nov 27, 2021


How do I set up a forwarding rule so that I can access my web applications using LAMP on Windows 10 from the Windows Network?. The Ubuntu guest has LAMP installed and functions as a web server. I am attempting to setup ports forwarding on the guest, but discover the VM window does not give me this option. How can I set up a new rule and manage it through another tool and how do you configure websites on top of this port forwarding situation?


It is possible to port forward or reverse configure the network address translation in VMWare Player


* It should be the other way round -


* It is recommended that you run

80 =

-> After VMWare crashing, restart the NAT Service:

net stop "VMWare NAT Service"
net start "VMWare NAT Service"

* In order to have your PC in a virtual machine * clone your git

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