Vmware Java Api

Dec 29, 2021


I am using ESXi 6.0, with vSphere APIs, in order to create a VM in my local environment.

But the example code for "CreatVM" showed an exception error.

Exception in thread "main" java.rmi.RemoteException: VI SDK invoke exception:com.vmware.vim25.RestrictedVersion
at com.vmware.vim25.ws.WSClient.invoke(WSClient.java:122)
at com.vmware.vim25.ws.VimStub.createVM_Task(VimStub.java:749)
at com.vmware.vim25.mo.Folder.createVM_Task(Folder.java:130)
at com.vmware.vim25.mo.samples.vm.CreateVM.main(CreateVM.java:93)

* I can't execute a program outside of my project because I need a Java environment to build it. What should I do?


If you are using the free version of ESXi, the same applies to vCLI, PowerCLI, and vSphere SDK for Perl. You can identify this by looking at your license which reads "vSphere 6.0 Hypervisor Licensed for N CPUs".

As you might know, ESXi supports read-only commands if you are using the free version of ESXi. However, there are limitations to tis function. The limitation is said to apply to commands or SDKs that use perl but does not limit all languages and SDKs - read more here: https://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search?id=2302


* * Error indicates the limitation - if you want to use the API in its totality, you need either to pay for a license, or to use the program in its trial mode.

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