Vmware Ios

Dec 28, 2021


I've been working on the iOS app in VMWare for Mac 10.11 and just updated my OS and Xcode. Now, when I plug in the device to my PC, it sees the device but not in IOS. If there's any ideas that can help me debug this situation, please let me know!


The other answerer has additional details to provide, so here's an even better solution:

The iPhone keep Connecting and Disconnecting in loop. To resolve this, go to Settings >> iTunes & App Store and turn Off Automatic Downloads.


* Search what you can find about your iPhone's USB id and pid. For example:

vmx | USB: Found device [name:Apple\ IR\ Receiver vid:05ac pid:12a8

Close VMware and try again at first.


* *) In the

"In the


**, add:

usb.quirks.device0 = "0xvid:0xpid skip-reset, skip-refresh, skip-setconfig"  

** Replace


* * by the video and picture in


**. Example:

usb.quirks.device0 = "0x05ac:0x12a8 skip-reset, skip-refresh, skip-setconfig"

- Check that macOS is set to use the USB 2.0 Compatibility mode with the virtual machine.

- Load Mac OS before entering vmware to make sure the mouse is connected to the virtual machine.

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