Vmware Headless

Jan 03, 2022


Something I'm wondering about is if there is any way to 'headless mode' my centos virtual machine. I found the following information on another site

If you want to run a headless VM under VMPlayer simply add the following to your vmware preferences file ($HOME/.vmware/preferences):

pref.vmplayer.exit.vmAction = "disconnect"

* I failed to locate the .vmware directory of my


Looking at the VirtualBox UI, I noticed that there is a “Folder Settings


If your Windows File Explorer doesn't show you hidden folders, you'll have to find the location of the folder


* Folders that have been hidden from being displayed in Windows Explorer.

To view Hidden Folders:

- Open Windows Explorer to show the sidebar and select the "Hidden items" checkbox. Any time a folder is ticked as a 'hidden item,' it will automatically display any other folders it has been nested inside of, as well as their subfolders to show everything. To make


* There are two types of lines in this text


* Fill in the prompt and hit enter


* At the command line…


** ->


** ->


If you are receiving this error, be sure that you are in the right place. You should see something like the following:



** and choose

pref.vmplayer.exit.vmAction = "disconnect"

* Open a new line at the bottom of the document, save it and close. Open VMWare and wait for it to load completely. If everything went right, you should be able to close one window where a VM is running without it closing automatically.

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