Vmware Cmd Not Found

Nov 04, 2021


I can see that the VM has installed and running VMware Tools, but it's not clear what OSPs version this is.


* To run *, do the following:

# pgrep -fl vmtoolsd

>> 6048 /usr/bin/vmtoolsd

Strangely, when I try to run


* * In its startup line, this virtual machine states it has installed VMware Tools. But the command does not exist for this operating system.


After installing VMware Player on my machine, I couldn't find an interface to manage VM's in the toolbox.

The graphical user interface for VMware Tools, which is sometimes called the VMware Tools control panel and which is available from the notification area in the guest operating system, has been deprecated

You can update the VMWare Desktop Player automatically, or alternatively go into Settings (namely Manage Virtual Machine Settings - Options - VMware Tools). As for


* * does do anything. It says so in the document above.

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