Top Cloud Computing Providers

Dec 06, 2021 7 minutes read

People are literally bombed with different cloud computing service offers and as the offer package grows we stand still: which one to choose?

Well, this is actually a pretty good question! What to choose when the market is more than filled with options and one seems more tempting than the other?

To decide, we need to setup a smart plan, not too complicated but still detailed. If we can have a realistic comparison of some of the best offers then we can decide easier. However, a decision isn’t and shouldn’t strictly rely on comparison. Other aspects to analyze are:

Private or company – you will need different things for personal or corporate use. Also, if you know your organizational form, you still need to further define it. Some people only want the cloud to backup music while others need it for small business, backup services, etc. Corporate usages are broader and can’t be defined easily. They are based on lots of factors: number of employees, the business itself, the role of the cloud in the entire system, etc.

Budget – if you’d ever consider paying for services, set your budget. Maybe you won’t enjoy what you’ve got to choose from, but you can’t go over your own budget. The only thing left to do is choose smarter for that value, to choose optimally.

What people say – users know if best! We all know that advertisements are carefully edited, organized and manipulated by every possible mean. Sometimes advertisers take the risks of not telling the entire truth so that they can get your attention (and money as well). Quality reviews of cloud computing providers offer a great support. However, try to distinguish manipulated reviews from original ones. People sometimes go as far as paying writers to write fake reviews!

What special magazines say in their articles – there are a lot of magazines which are focusing on analyzing different products and services in long, detailed, high quality articles. Their writers certainly fear nobody and always write an honest opinion after the careful analysis!

We’ve just listed 4 of the most important cloud computing service choice aspects to consider. In the next section, we will analyze 5 important cloud computing providers. First we describe the actual offers, provide the website links as well as enumerate some of the services offered. Then, we move on to reviewing each of these services separately!

Even if we have tried to include details, prices are really changing in time so the best thing is always checking the official websites.

IBM Cloud Computing

1) The offer

IBM now offers cloud computing. They have some pretty amazing descriptions of why one should use cloud services and they offer consulting as well. IBM Cloud Computing offers 3 basic packages:

Architecture for private and hybrid cloud – this is the IBM SmartCloud Foundation

Cloud computing as a service for IT – this is IBM SmartCloud Services

Software as a service (SaaS) business solutions – this is called IBM SmartCloud Solutions

IBM’s SmartCloud is the brand name given to their cloud services.

You can check IBM’s website, at the cloud computing section.

2) Review, analysis

Undoubtedly IBM has too many packages. This wouldn’t be bad as an idea, but how can they manage all of that in the same time? Clients come, they need support, they need the services so the company literally loses all the time with serving customers.

Despite the criticism of trying to offer a whole lot of services at the same time, let’s just not forget that IBM was never a small company. As they have survived for decades and as their numbers prove their cloud services to be profitable, we can conclude it’s a good option when it comes to cloud computing providers

Intel Cloud Computing

1) The offer

Intel won’t step back if it comes to cloud computing. They offer simple and efficient cloud computing solutions. Intel provides scaling, security, as well as several methods to enhance your personal cloud experience.

2) Review, analysis

Intel is really supportive for newbies. I mean not every business person heard about cloud computing and not everyone knows what it means. The website includes detailed sections to explain cloud computing basics. They focus on a not-too-long document containing the 3 basic cloud types as well as cloud services. To be more specific, Intel explains private clouds, public clouds and hybrid clouds. Other than that they explain what PaaS (platform as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service), SaaS (software as a service), TaaS (testing as a service) are.

Intel is constantly improving the cloud experience. The latest plan involves the newest Intel chips for their servers, so that speed and performance is improved instantly. It’s good to work with a company which cares enough to improve all the time. Also, since Intel got into the cloud-business, they have bought some smaller cloud computing companies for the same reason: to improve quality, to gain confidence. As for the quality, you already know how Intel provides its services.

Microsoft Cloud Computing

1) The offer

Microsoft, thanks to competency, tries to provide more and more as time goes by. We seem like we’ve forgot facts: despite things as the “blue death” and bugs here and there, a lot of people are using Windows and they like it. Microsoft is really a good brand and they are involved into the cloud market with Windows Azure. They offer a free trial and have different pricing plans.

They also offer Microsoft SkyDrive for storage – free up to a limit and then paid if you need more storage.

2) Review, analysis

If you are skeptical about the Microsoft cloud thing, you can try out Azure for free. Of course there is no doubt that the quality of their services is great. Even if Google tries to impress the cloud world, making us think they are the best, it’s not always true. For example, the Microsoft SkyDrive – when compared to the Google alternative, the Google Drive – will be rated a lot better.

The only negative aspect is that people, when speaking of Microsoft, always think about Windows, the operating system. Microsoft isn’t just that. Microsoft is now one of the cloud giants and they host great projects with Microsoft Azure. Just look it up and you will soon find out it’s a great thing happening there!

Amazon Cloud Computing

1) The offer

Amazon comes to us with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), which is their cloud computing service. Amazon claims to bring flexibility, security, support and a lot of other features for low fees. We can’t deny the truth: the Amazon EC2 is one of the giants in the cloud world. Similar to Microsoft, people didn’t really picture Amazon as the cloud company, but we should get used to such amazing changes!

2) Review, analysis

We’ve already mentioned how Amazon EC2 provides several great features. So what are these features?

Scalability – adjusting your cloud to your needs

Multiple instances in multiple locations – distributed system providing efficiency, reliability and performance

Virtual machine support

Security – a very important aspect

Low prices – really saves your budget

Amazon describes several instance types so that every user from average user to professional user can find the best matching instance type to their needs.

The Amazon cloud supports multiple operating system as well as changes, improvements of existing features and services.

Citrix Cloud Computing

1) The offer

Citrix offers five basic products related to cloud computing:

XenServer – low cost server and datacenter virtualization

CloudPlatform – for enterprises and service providers

CloudGateway – aggregate and control enterprise applications and services

CloudBridge – to connect with other cloud services

CloudPortal – automated business and operations support for cloud providers

2) Review, analysis

Citrix is absolutely amazing when it comes to virtualization. Their ideas and innovations are really benefic to general cloud computing. Some of their virtualization projects are:

Microsoft Windows applications’ virtualization

Buying Virtual Computer, a smaller virtualization company

The HDX Universal Print Server

Supporting smaller companies for the same cloud-related purposes

They do not offer auto-scaling (which is offered by Amazon for example), but Citrix offers free support, free load balancing, free monitoring, free hosting and some other free features

As you have read in this article, there are a whole lot of aspects when it comes to choosing between five cloud computing providers. Yes, I said five, but the above mentioned five companies are only a few of the great cloud provider companies. However, these are some of the most important cloud computing providers of the moment.

A detailed budget analysis is required anyway, but we intentionally left out the prices because it’s so easy to have a couple of prices changed and then we’ve provided a messy content with inaccurate data. Most of the details one should ever know are included on their official websites along with features, prices and sometime even satisfied customers’ feedback.

No matter how you chose, first make sure that you try to respect the valuable ideas and tips presented in the current article!