Is Cloud Computing Safe and Secure?

Oct 30, 2021 2 minutes read

People often wonder ‘is cloud computing safe?’. It has actually been nearly 4 years given that the term ‘Cloud Computing’ has remained in use. We know how innovation can advance in 4 years, all cloud technology consisted of. But, are there still some things that haven’t been determined yet, some loopholes or vulnerabilities? To address that concern, I’ll ask you another concern, how does it work? If you understand the answer to this, then you’ll likewise know that you have been using cloud computing for a long time. You have actually been using it whenever you went to Facebook or Gmail.

The Need of Cloud Computing

The focus shifted towards it because of mostly two factors; benefit and money. Cloud makes it too simple to shop, modify and access all your data. You simply do not have to install anything on your troublesome. You do not have to go through some intense and slow protocol every time you have to access your files. This has actually been among the biggest factors for corporate companies and private users to choose cloud computing alike.

Possible Problems With the Cloud

The cloud computing systems are the same as routine networks when it comes to attracting and solving issues. Here are some of the issues that cloud has already faced and possibly will even continue to do so. Can the  following determine the question ‘is cloud computing safe?’.

Security Breach

An example of this would be the Twitter hack that took place in 2009. Twitter generally deals with the cloud interface by contracting with Google, permitting its users to enjoy their services without any cost and installations.

Multiple Data Entanglement

This problem can be best explained in the words of Vuk Trifkovic, a senior data analyst at Datamonitor – “At the heart of the infrastructure is this idea of multi-tenancy and decoupling in between specific hardware resources and applications.” What it implies is the pull of cloud company to using the very same hardware for numerous software or accounts.

Data Encryption

Although many clouds have their own encryption systems, you can opt to utilize your own. This is due to the fact that possibilities are, the cloud will be using a limited set of keys for all file encryption, so if somebody understands them, they can quickly access your files.

Submit Sharing

Make certain you have control over the privacy settings of all files on your account. Keep the shared files separate from the private ones. This helps your stuffs to be more organized as well as useful to track all your file sharing. It would likewise be smart to keep a backup of a minimum of the shared files, if not all of them, by yourself computer system. Yes, it types of beats the purpose of owning a cloud account, however, better safe than sorry.