Git Vmware

Nov 15, 2021


I have found something strange so I am writing you, help!

A demonstration of the problem is given below.

1. User creates a

git status

* * is slow when accessed from my VM, but fast when accessed directly on the host.

du -hs .

* I have two operating systems - Windows XP and Ubuntu.

git gc

* I've followed the instructions here, but it didn't work - any ideas? I'm getting an error that says 'object size is too large'. My repo contains lots of CSV files as well as code - is this a bad idea?

On my Windows host, I am using


There is a weird situation going on. I'm able to clone git repos into any other folder on my virtual machine, but not the shared one. I don't think it's a disk space limitation issue because if I disable Sophos while running, or set its 'on-access scanning' to false while running, there is still an error while trying to clone the repo.

(Note: The text can be various lengths depending on what you want it to say)

nosmp noapic nolapic

** as described here.


1) It is usually slower to read on a virtual machine than through a native operating system

git status

* I'm experiencing slowness when using git1.7.2+, but if I have submodules, it can be slow.


** option.

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