Benefits of choosing Windows Phone Platform for your apps

Nov 01, 2021 2 minutes read

While Android and iOS smartphones are dominating the mobile market, Windows phones own a small market share. Similarly, the number of Android and iOS apps surpasses that of Windows ones. In spite of modest market share and limited quantity of apps, Windows Phone Platform is largely chosen by several businesses and individuals. There are some main reasons explaining why developers, enterprises, businesses and users would rather choose Windows Phone Platform for their apps than others.


– The process of developing an app on Windows Phone Platform is simply and takes less time. Particularly, if you have knowledge and experience in Windows Phone SDKs and Visual Studio, you may find it a piece of cake to handle your tasks. In addition, new developers are supplied with detailed guidelines and helpful documentation.

– The developers are given several useful tools to build robust Windows phone apps. One of the most excellent ones may be Microsoft Visual Studio, which is said to be developer-friendly and amazing.

– Different languages such as C++ with DirectX, C# & C++ with XAML and JavaScript with HTML/CSS are supported in Windows Phone Platform.


– The User Interface (UI) of the Windows Phone is exciting and attractive. The apps on Windows Phone Platform usually catch human’s eyes.

– The Augmented Reality of Windows Phone brings natural images to the viewers, makes the experience of watching videos and playing games more amazing.

– The Metro square makes Windows Phones fashionable and gives the users the chance to reorganize the Window apps in their own preference.

– Like Android and iOS handsets, Windows phone comes with a wide range of apps in various categories to meet the day to day needs of users.

– Windows apps can easily be run on across Windows 10 desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, Smartphones, Xboxes and wearables.


– Thanks to the short time of developing, the companies can usually launch the apps sooner than expected, which helps to reduce their business cycle time.

– The processing time of app uploading on Windows Phone Platform is short and the apps will be downloaded by the users as soon as they know about it. The businesses may quickly see the results of their marketing strategy and whether the customers are satisfied with their app or not.

– It is a big challenge for an app to be prominent in the huge Apple Store and Google Play Store, however, due to small number of apps available on Windows Phone Store, it is much easier for an app to be founded and downloaded from the system.


– Windows Phone Platform is a good choice for enterprises to integrate their Windows Phone apps with Windows domains, Office, Exchange, Mail, Azure cloud, intranet solutions and more.

– The process of enterprise running and management is simplified by efficient and goal-oriented Windows Phone apps.

– Unlike Android, Windows Phone Store doesn’t allow the uploading of app without permission. Before being uploaded and published to users, an app must be checked carefully to identify whether it contains virus or threatening factors to the users. In other words, Window Phone apps ensure security of enterprises without the need of any antivirus or anti-malware software.