10 Reasons Why You Need Online Backup

Dec 30, 2021 4 minutes read

An online backup is known as a service which provides companies or individual users a backup of their computer files. The system runs on a schedule usually when the computers are not running. Nowadays, data disaster is a common phenomenon. So, backup strategy is turning into a crying need. Let’s check out the 10 most important reasons as to why you need an online backup service.

① Data Protection

In online backup system, data is saved in several physical locations which reduce data loss by natural or any other process. But in case of local backup, all data are saved in one physical location. Sometimes, the original data is also saved in that very location. So, these backups face equal risk when disaster attacks. Cost of setting local backup in different locations is too high. Backup services which are online stores data in off-site and the data centers are earthquake and fire proof.

Both primary and secondary backups are served by online backup by storing data in multiple locations and mitigating data loss.

② Cost Effective

Online backup reduces most of the costs caused by traditional backup. The vendor mainly maintains the infrastructure of the storage. Instead of buying a driver and software, online backup can be easily started by signing up and downloading backup software. So, the ultimate upfront costs are zero.

The recurring costs of online backup are finely adapted to needs.

③ Automation and Ease of use

The scheme of local backup requires people who are professional in fields of information technology, who actually set up the processes and maintain them. Replacement of magnetic tapes and transportation of media to storage location is done manually in traditional backup system.

While in case of online backup starting from the set up, the total procedure is maintained automatically. There is no need of manual adjustments. When need for space for storage arises, the provider of the backup service takes care of that. The user need not to take any pressure regarding maintaining the backup procedure.

④ Highest Security

Security is the first thing in case of companies where sensitive data is involved. It is very hard to get the maximum security in these cases. The traditional backup system neglects encryption. While online backup systems maintain encryption highly.

Before sending to service provider, encrypted backup data is provided with a private key to encryption.

Technology named Secure Sockets Layer is used to transport the data to the backup service provider. The same technology is also used for transaction done in case of online banking.

At the data centers, encrypted form of the data is kept.

⑤ Certified Management & Data Centers

Building up a location for backup which is certified, is too expensive for the small companies. Sometimes, medium companies can’t build them too. So, if they take service from online backup providers, their data is going to be preserved in a certified storage. Expertise in the field of information technology monitor data kept in data centers. Also the data centers are disaster proof.

⑥ Efficient Energy

Efficient energy is a prime need for online backup service provider. Improvement in efficiency of energy reduces cost. It is environment friendly.

Advantages can be acquired in increased efficient energy by online backup.

Online backup providers use less energy in comparison to local or traditional backup systems.

The data centers are usually established close to the energy regeneration centers like hydroelectric plants. So, the data centers have better efficiency of energy.

⑦ Reliable Provider

The providers of online backup are absolutely reliable. The providers are experienced too. Only with an internet connection, the experienced and reliable service providers are saving major loss of data from the computers. As a huge number of people take service from a particular service provider at the same time, so it is trustworthy.

⑧ Compliance with Laws and Regulations

For industries like pharmaceuticals, healthcare, gas, oil etc. the most important need is off-site protection of data. But if business in these industries is going on within a small perimeter, then it is extremely difficult to comply with the actual regulations by the local backup system. Online backup is an easy solution to this major problem. Small industries can easily have protection of essential data in off-site by keeping online backup and maintain basic regulations.

⑨ Distant Server and Required Protection

Workers moving from one place to another generally use personal computers like netbooks. Smart phones also sometimes serve the purpose of information workers. For local backup scheme it is almost impossible to cover a huge number of mobile and distant scenarios.

Theft is a major threat to data loss for users of mobile devices.

Offices which are remote, most of the times are not employing a staff of information technology.

Services of online backup through a crystal clear manner cover these arenas. All they need is nothing but a mere internet connection.

⑩ Trial before Purchase

Trial set up cost a lot in local backup scheme. If the user deploys the trial backup for little scale, still it costs much. As there are no upfront costs in online backup, trial backup is comparatively too easy before having deployment in a large scale. This actually merges with the little cost scheme of online backup. For a single computer, only a small number of cents are spent.

The top ten reasons seem legit to use online backup. It is much more economic than any other backup. The utmost security is obtained from online backup. Coverage of any required distance can be done by online backup which is almost impossible by traditional backup. The providers are trusted by a huge number of users. Compliance with laws and regulations are done in a perfect way by online backup. It makes work easy and comfortable by the reduction of manual involvement. Also data is almost free from the risk of facing any disaster by the certified data centers. Energy efficiency is another prime advantage of online backup.